SM Releases New Profile Picture, Preparing for Lucas’s Debut Post-Scandal

Lucas (former member of NCT/WayV) is ready to debut solo after the shocking scandal.

On the afternoon of February 23rd, SM released a new profile picture for Lucas, while also introducing his Instagram and Weibo accounts in preparation for his solo debut after the shocking scandal. Prior to this, Lucas’s Twitter account had been verified by SM with a blue checkmark and the company logo. Many sources revealed that the male idol had been filming a music video in Budapest, Hungary, causing a stir on social media platforms.

After being embroiled in a love scandal and speaking ill of his teammates in 2021, Lucas, once one of the prominent members of NCT/WayV, became a “culprit” in the eyes of fans. This negatively affected the group, causing WayV to stagnate due to personal scandals. Fans protested multiple times, demanding Lucas’s departure from the group. However, SM remained loyal to the Chinese idol. During the aftermath of the scandal, Lucas was only suspended from activities, and it wasn’t until the beginning of 2023 that he officially left NCT and WayV.


Furthermore, despite the controversies, the controversial male idol was favored by SM to stay with the company and prepare for a solo debut. Lucas posted dance practice videos, attended SM’s concerts with high-ranking officials, and maintained relationships with NCT members. Despite the shocking scandal, SM forgave him and even paved the way for a grand solo debut.

Moreover, Lucas’s treatment was much better than many other long-standing idols in the company. He was given a dedicated Weibo account for promotion in China, which angered fans.

After news of Lucas’s impending return and solo debut as a solo artist surfaced, netizens reacted differently. Some felt perplexed by SM’s support for the controversial artist. On various platforms, netizens mocked Lucas and the management company, showing clear opposition and lack of support for the male idol’s promotion in China.

Cnet’s Reactions:

  • Kpop is shaking.
  • SM’s stock price is about to drop again.
  • It’s not even the Year of the Monkey yet, and Lucas is already making a comeback.
  • Did Lucas save Lee Soo Man’s life in a past life?
  • How bold, letting WayV sink for 2 years, then suddenly rising up with a solo career.
  • SM is really hungry, they’ll eat anything!
  • It’s okay, he can make a comeback anywhere, as long as it’s not in China.

Source: K14

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