Korean media points out reasons why “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” is a “bad thing”

The Korean remake of “Money Heist” is commented to be a downgraded version of the original “Money Heist”.

Tokyo in the original work is really cool. She’s emotional, impromptu, bold and confident. Thanks to her unexpected charm, the film maintains its tension. However, that intense character becomes flat in the K-drama version. The Korean Tokyo (played by Jeon Jong-seo) is not attractive at all. But is it just Tokyo? Denver (Kim Ji-hoon), Rio (Lee Hyun-woo), Nairobi (Jang Yoon-joo), etc… All the charming characters were poorly developed in “Money Heist: Korea”.

The story seems to follow the original work but with meaningless messages and awkward acting, “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” is nothing short of the “a bad thing” like Tokyo’s line – “I’m Tokyo. We’re going to do a bad thing, right?”.

◆ Bad beginning

Everything was bad from the start. The Korean version of “Money Heist” unfolded the story with the narration of Tokyo. But Jeon Jong-seo’s light and mischievous voice didn’t suit her character at all. Tokyo claimed herself to be a North Korean ARMY. She wore start-patterned sweatpants and demonstrated DNA dance, bringing the start of “Money Heist” down to become an SNL (Saturday Night Live) play.

Money Heist Korea

◆ Awkward acting

Not only ‘Tokyo’ Jeon Jong-seo, but Kim Ji-hoon, who plays Denver, is also a veteran actor with a solid background. But his acting in “Money Heist” is somewhat awkward. It feels like he is in a hurry to imitate the original ‘Denver’. His dialect is awkward and his laughter is too excessive. 

Money Heist Korea

Lee Hyun-woo’s performance as Rio creates no empathy. His love line with Tokyo was deleted, weakening the character’s color. 

Money Heist Korea

Jang Yoon-joo is also a victim of this “bad” work. The original Nairobi is affection but cool-headed, hot but reasonable. But Jang Yoon-joo in this Korean version looks clueless and only shouts, “What’s going on?”.

Money Heist Korea

◆ The worst thing – The absence of narrative

The original work delicately portrays the preparation of five months before the occupation of the Mint robbery. It also describes the process of the robbery and the criminal histories step by step. It explains the friendship, love, and conflict between members of the teams.

Money Heist Korea

But the K- “Money Heist” only tries to imitate the original film. The background of the time ahead of North and South Koreas’ reunification is new and fresh but the problem is that the purpose of the robbers cannot be found in the drama. Neither a specific description of the sufferings of the lower class nor the corruption of the virtual wealthy in Korea was in-depth. Therefore, the story was shortened and the narrative was also reduced. Their robbers were just a bunch of copycats.

Money Heist Korea

◆ This remake is just really bad

Still, there is something notable. First of all, the love line chemistry between Lee Joo-bin (as Yoon Mi-seon) and Kim Ji-hoon is good. Park Myung-hoon’s performance as an evil villain also gains bonus points. Park Hae-soo is simply a hard carry. He reinterpreted Berlin with his charismatic North Korean language and madness.

Money Heist Korea

But so far, that’s all. Other than Berlin’s rules, there are no new developments compared to the original film. 

Money Heist Korea

The viewers had high expectations for the Korean remake of “Money Heist”, but it turned out that the directing, acting, and everything about this “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” is just a downgraded version of the original work. 

Source: Daum

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