Stalked by paparazzi, BLACK PINK’s reaction when asked “Do you like BTS?”

First time facing the paparazzi at Hollywood, BLACK PINK were bewildered and frightened.

BLACK PINK is in America to continue their race to this market. After the hugely successful performance at Coachella, Black Pink received a lot of attention from the American media.

But it looks like Black Pink had had a chance to experience being followed by paparazzi everywhere in Hollywood. Recently, The Hollywood Fix paparazzi have caught Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa together going out for dinner in Beverly Hills. 3 members of Black Pink were dressed very comfortably, but as soon as the paparazzi were discovered, Black Pink and their staffs were all quite bewildered before quickly bought and left the restaurant to avoid causing attention.

However, the highlight of this video is the moment the paparazzi asked the Black Pink members in a rather “graceless” way: “Do you like BTS?” (1:00)

Black Pink’s reaction at the time was to pretend that they didn’t heard anything and quickly get into the car to leave. Black Pink seems to be very bewildered and somewhat frightened because this is the first time they experienced the lens of the paparazzis in the US – something that rarely happens in Korea or Asia – and faced with such sensitive questions.

Everyone knows that BTS and Black Pink are currently the two most successful groups in Kpop’s international market with a lot of impressive record. Both groups came back together this time and defeated each other’s record, so it was inevitable that there is a interrelatedness. However, the situation where paparazzi followed Black Pink and asked if they like BTS, for Kpop fans this is a sensitive question which is somewhat ungainly and very easy to cause wars among fandoms. The fact that Black Pink didn’t respond to this question is logical if they doesn’t want Kpop fans to uprise.

Sources: kenh14

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