Fans dig up SEVENTEEN Joshua’s past romance rumor with a female idol amid current dating scandal

As Joshua continues to keep silent regarding his dating controversy, fans went on exposing his past romance rumor.

A fan of SEVENTEEN recently made a post on Nate Pann exposing a past romantic relationship of Joshua, drawing keen attention.

According to the fan, Joshua used to date a member of a girl group. This girl group didn’t have a big fandom in Korea and was only known for a few hit songs. The mentioned member was not even popular at that time and that’s why not many SEVENTEEN fans cared about the rumor.


However, this fan also listed evidence to prove the two’s romantic relationship. First, SEVENTEEN members were seen looking at Joshua whenever it came to that girl’s part during her group’s performance at a year-end awards ceremony. 

Next, when both SEVENTEEN and the girl group were in the audience seat, that girl went to the waiting room and Joshua followed her. 


Later in a reality show filmed at the girl group’s dorm, a doll in that girls room was found to look exactly the same as the doll in Joshua’s room at SEVENTEEN’s dorm.

The fan then expressed disappointment in Joshua’s attitude regarding his current dating rumors.

In response to the post, netizens commented, “MOMOLAND?”, “Wasn’t it Jane from MOMOLAND?”, “Wow, there’s no information about this even when I try to search on Google. I guess only people who were fans at that time know about this story. You have such a good memory”, “Wow, I think I know who the girl is. It’s a story from such a long time ago. Maybe in 2016 or 2017?”, etc.

cho mi young joshua

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN Joshua is rumored to be dating model Cho Mi Young. However, both sides have not released any position regarding the issue. 

Source: Nate Pann

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