Seohyun’s visual is crazy… Did she pop out of a fairy tale? (Jinx’s Lover)

Actress Seohyun will transform into a bubbly heroine through “Jinx’s Lover”.

The production team of KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Jinx’s Lover(directed by Yoon Sang-ho / written by Jang Yoon-mi), which is scheduled to premiere in June, unveiled the first still cuts of Seohyun (as Seul-bi). The visuals that seem to have jumped out of a fairy tale and Seohyun’s unique lovely aura attracted attention.

“Jinx’s Lover” is a fantasy romance drama about a human man who accepts his unhappy life as his destiny and lives according to his destiny, and a goddess who jumps out of the unknown world to break the curse and overcomes a cruel fate.


In the drama, Seohyun played the role of “Seul-bi”, who has the mysterious ability to see the future of the person she touches. Seul-bi, who escaped from a secret room out of curiosity in the past, is a person who has a dream about a world she has never experienced after spending a dreamlike day with Gong Soo-kwang (played by Na In-woo). Afterwards, a breathtaking romance unfolded between the two, stimulating curiosity.

The still cuts released on May 2nd (today) showed Seohyun’s perfect transformation into the “Goddess of Luck”. With her brightly shining hair, colorful clothes as well as pure smile, she boasted a fairy-tale princess-like look, showing a perfect synchronization with Seul-bi. Attention is focused on how Seohyun will portray Seul-bi, who has an innocent and curious personality and changes her surroundings with warm energy, by her own color.


Seohyun, who has melted into the character with such lovely charm, is expected to not only give off a fantastic chemistry with Na In-woo (as Gong Soo-kwang), but also play an active role at the center of the exciting development and show an unprecedented fantasy romance.

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