Somi and HyunA kiss on the lip, taking netizens by surprise 

Somi and HyunA share an intimate moment on camera following Somi’s latest comeback. 

On August 9, HyunA released a photo and a video on her Instagram along with the caption saying, “Congratulations Somi, eat well and show us everything you prepared.”

In the released photo and video, HyunA was posing for a photo with Jeon Somi, who recently made a comeback with her latest EP “GAME PLAN.” 

jeon somi hyuna

The accompanying video gained particular attention. In the short clip, Somi kissed HyunA on the cheeks. She added, “It’s a video,” and proceeded to kiss HyunA on the lips. 

Upon seeing the video, netizens were surprised, saying, “The two must be really close,” “Popular singers are intimate,” and “Oh, I was surprised at first.” 

On August 7, Jeon Somi released her new mini-album “GAME PLAN.” The album features “Fast Forward,” which combines the energetic deep house genre with intense performance, “Gold Gold Gold,” a self-composed hip-hop song, the charming synth-pop “The Way,” and two R&B songs “Pisces” and “Fxxked Up.” 

Source: Wikitree 

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