EXO’s Future After Members Leaving SM

The public is curious about the future EXO after going through changes due to contract issues this year

D.O (Do Kyung-soo) recently left SM and established SooSoo Company. On October 18th, SM announced that D.O’s exclusive contract would end in early November, adding that he would carry out acting and individual activities in the new agency he founded with a former SM manager. However, SM emphasized that D.O will continue working with SM for EXO activities. 

In fact, EXO and SM have been dealing with various contract issues this year. Earlier in June, Baekhyun, Chen and Xiumin (EXO CBX unit) notified SM of their exclusive contract termination, causing a dispute to arise. After various arguments, SM announced that they reached an agreement with the three members.

Baekhyun later reported that he had established a private company to train choreographers and dancers while carrying out various activities in an environment under his control. He explained, “I will run my own company and continue EXO promotions in SM”. Bewildered by Baekhyun’s private company establishment, SM still approved his external individual activities, saying “We believe he will keep our mutual agreement”.


After that, rumors of Chanyeol and Sehun signing with other agencies for solo activities emerged. SM refuted them all, saying “The two members’ contracts with SM are still valid”. The agency also emphasized that the members can manage their own individual activities through companies established by themselves while maintaining a contract with SM for group promotions, similar to the case of Baekhyun. As such, there is a possibility that other members will also set up private agencies to become independent in personal schedules.

These contract issues have brought changes to EXO, a group that has been together under SM for a long time since their debut. Of course, all members have reached an agreement with SM regarding group activities despite being in different companies. However, fans are still a little disappointed as it would be more difficult to see the members active as a whole group from now on.


Knowing fans’ concerns, EXO’s leader Suho recently went on a fan platform and made a firm statement, saying “Don’t worry about EXO activities. Suho will be responsible for that”. In a recent interview after his drama ended, Suho also mentioned EXO’s future plan, saying “We respect each member’s dreams, but EXO will continue working as a group for a long time”, adding “The members recently gathered to discuss the release of our new album next year”.

In fact, these changes can create better environments for the members to focus more on their solo careers. Since SM has too many artists, it is hard for them to manage all the needs and dreams of individuals. As a result, EXO members are expected to actively control their own solo activities through their private companies and maximize their capabilities while maintaining great synergy as a team.

Attention is focused on the future moves of EXO as individuals and as a group after celebrating their 11th anniversary.

Source: Daum

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