SEVENTEEN Joshua’s rumored influencer girlfriend found to be a cast member of a dating show 

Claims have emerged SEVENTEEN Joshua’s rumored girlfriend was a participant in a dating reality program.

SEVENTEEN Joshua recently became embroiled in dating rumors with freelance model Cho Mi Young. Netizens raised suspicions of their relationship based on points such as Joshua and Cho Mi Young having similar items like clothes and accessories, posting pictures taken in similar locations, and a woman resembling Cho Mi Young being spotted in the audience at a SEVENTEEN concert.

Amidst ongoing speculations on social media platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter), a claim has arisen that Cho Mi Young appeared on the dating program ‘Before Some Rise’ on MBN in 2019.

‘Before Some Rise’ is a reality dating program where participants foster romantic relationships while traveling to five different cities in Spain for 17 days. Cho Mi Young gained attention at the time for her attractive appearance and formed a love line with a male participant, eventually leading to a final couple. 

However, whether they truly became a couple remains unknown.

Although pieces of evidence support the dating rumors. Nevertheless, SEVENTEEN’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, remains silent.

Opinions within the SEVENTEEN fandom are varied. Some fans expressed disappointment. Particularly, they pointed out Joshua’s lack of communication with fans as one of the reasons for their frustration. 

Mixed reactions like ‘I’ll wait for an official statement,’ ‘It’s been 9 years since debut, so dating is possible,’ and ‘It’s their personal life’ also surfaced.

On another note, SEVENTEEN is gearing up for a comeback in October.

Source: Wikitree

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