Netizens Shocked At the Fact About Child Models Looking Like Park Eun-bin

As soon as Seoul Mil introduced their new CF video, the identity of the child models appearing with Park Eun-bin became a hot topic

On April 5th, Seoul Milk announced that they selected actress Park Eun-bin as their new advertising model for “A2+ Milk” and released a new TV CF. 

The CF video features Park Eun-bin and three child models. What drew attention is the child actresses resemble Park Eun-bin so much.

park eun bin milk ads

It turns out that the child models were not real people. They were created with Park Eun-bin’s face by AI technology.

In fact, Seoul Milk introduced such an advertisement to show the growing stage of their model Park Eun-bin, from a kindergarten kid to a student, a teenager, and then an adult, in line with their product package changes. An official from Seoul Milk said, “We believe that actress Park Eun-bin, who has gradually built her own filmography ever since she was a child actress, suits the concept of our fresh milk advertisement very well”.

park eun bin milk ads

Surprised by this fact, netizens commented, “No wonder they look so much like Park Eun-bin”, “But they didn’t tell us that they would use AI models”, “I thought they edited the CF video with Park Eun-bin’s childhood appearances”, “AI technology has become so amazing these days”, “I would never realize that it was AI if they hadn’t said it”, “I got goosebumps for real”, “How better will AI technology develop?”, “Can’t they just use AI models without revealing that fact?”, etc.

This is not the first time AI technology has been applied to images and videos. The child actor who played the childhood of Son Seok-gu’s character in Netflix’s drama “A Killer Paradox” aroused interest for looking similar to Son Seok-gu.

son seok gu a killer paradox

When viewers began to be curious about the identity of the child actor, director Lee Chang-hee explained, “It was a Deepfake product using several childhood photos of Son Seok-gu”. In fact, this drama used Deepfake not only for Son Seok-gu’s role but also for the past scenes of other characters. For example, the pre-surgery appearance of Kyung-ah (Im Se-joo) was also made with Deepfake technology.

Source: wikitree

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