4 things that might happen if Big Hit has a new girl group in the future

Things would be better if Big Hit has 1 or more girl groups in the future.

Today (Aug 21st), Big Hit announces their plans for 2020, which includes music, cinematic and game projects. The highlight among those is the collaboration between them and Source Music to plan an audition and training project for a new girl group under the management of Min Hee Jin, the former Creative Director of SM Entertainment.

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This means that, Big Hit is currently preparing for a girl group in the future. This will be the first time for this agency to scout female trainees after the shocking event from Dahee of GLAM. Now, let’s imagine how the future will be if Big Hit Entertainment has a new girl group!

Big Hit’s potential of becoming the #1 entertainment agency

Before this, Big Hit only has 1 group which is BTS. Even though their fame is gigantic, the investors are worried about the agency’s future after BTS got enlisted. This is totally different from SM, YG or JYP – the major company with many different artists. With the addition of new artists, Big Hit surely will receive much more investments than before. The most obvious proof is that, after Big Hit bought Source Music, the stock prices of Big 3 has dwindled a little bit.

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A family concert

Most of the current agencies like SM, YG, JYP,…have their own concert with all of their artists performing. Right now, in Big Hit’s hands are 3 groups – BTS, TXT and Gfriend – with clean images, strong fandoms and high-quality music. If a new girl group is produced, a concert under the name of “the Big Hit Family” will be a worth-waiting music event of the year.


High-quality collaboration

There’s no denying that Bang PD is capable of foreseeing the future. A new girl group is a wise decision which will help them widen their horizon and strengthen their competitiveness among other big agencies in South Korea.

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Apart from group activities, artists can collab through cinematic projects, OST, game music, single release, magazine photoshoot,…to maintain a fresh atmosphere for fans. Before, BTS and Gfriend has had a chance to star together in a CF, which is why people predict a high-quality music collaboration in the future.

And dating rumours!

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Practicing and working together under the same roof, dating between artists is hard to avoid. K-Pop fans have seen famous couples from SM, CUBE,…such as Taeyeon – Baekhyun, Kai – Krystal, HyunA – E’Dawn. Relationships between idols are unavoidable, and the company is the most perfect place for the couples to stay away from the hawk eyes of paparazzis.

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