Family Steps In to Counter Fake Rumors Surrounding The Late Moonbin 

The late Moonbin’s family spoke up to address the unfounded rumors that were sparked after his passing. 

On June 13th, Fantagio posted on ASTRO’s official fan cafe a letter from the late Moonbin’s mother.

Moonbin’s mother expressed her gratitude to the fans who mourned and remembered her son, “First of all, despite the long distance, I have received a lot of comfort from the letters, flowers, and heartfelt sincerity of the fans who visited. I sincerely thank you. I hope that all of you, the fans, will also be filled with comfort and good health.”


Moonbin’s mother revealed the reason for writing the letter, saying, “I know that everyone misses my son, but I have noticed that indiscriminate rumors are being spread in some small communities.”

She added, “These rumors are very difficult for me as a mother to see, and I am worried that many people will suffer and the fans who sincerely miss our son will also be hurt due to false rumors.”

Moonbin’s mother pleaded, “I earnestly ask that these gossip and unconfirmed rumors no longer be made. Please.”

Finally, she concluded the letter by saying, “I hope that the fans whom Bin loved so much will not live with a painful heart. Sincerely, thank you for your heartfelt support.

Earlier, on April 19th, Moonbin suddenly passed away at the age of 25. After Moon Bin’s passing, some YouTube channels and online communities in Korea started spreading baseless rumors over his will, autographs, autopsy, discord among ASTRO members, and his family relationships. These fake news were created for the sake of views.

Source: Nate. 

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