Is JYP Entertainment losing its status in the K-pop world? 

JYP artists are losing their presence on digital charts, drawing attention.

For many years, JYP Entertainment has been a top entertainment company in K-pop, and JYP artists have also dominated Korean digital charts with catchy melodies and addictive music. Some popular JYP artists who made waves in K -pop back in the day are Wonder Girls, 2PM, and TWICE


Nonetheless, some netizens believe JYP Entertainment has passed its prime. At the moment, the company is facing a major decline in its status on digital charts.  

On the Melon Chart, most songs by JYP artists only achieved modest rankings. TWICE’s “Set Me Free” entered the chart at 83rd place. NMIXX’s “Love Me Like This” charted at 6th place, while “Party O’Clock” maintained 123rd place. Stray Kids’ “S-Class” similarly charted at 100th place. Xdinary Heroes struggled to enter the Top 100 with “Freakin’ Bad.” 

While JYP artists are continuing to push sales and enlarge the scope of their concerts. Nonetheless, those changes do not seem to entail an equal increase in digital chart performance. 

NMIXX has not been able to showcase their full potential as a fourth-generation K-pop girl group 

Because JYP groups are well-trained and talented in their own rights, the public cannot help but wonder what is causing the decrease in JYP artists’ popularity. Currently, netizens predict it is due to their current music direction. Because their music is behind time, JYP artists can hardly catch up with the current public taste, according to netizens.

While TWICE and Stray Kids have gained a relatively stable place in the music industry, ITZY and NMIXX are still finding their spots in the fields.

Source: k14 

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