The most lackluster actress in “Descendants of The Sun”: Improved visuals but dwindling career after 6 years 

This actress who used to co-star alongside Song Hye Kyo is now leading a pretty bleak career. 

In 2016, actress Jo Woo Ri used to have the chance to co-star alongside superstar Song Hye Kyo in the major hit K-drama “Descendants of The Sun”. Playing the beautiful nurse Jang Hee Eun, Jo Woo Ri managed to boast her bright appearance, shining smile, and gorgeous visuals that was not completely outshined by Song Hye Kyo. However, due to the bland personality and story of her character, Jo Woo Ri was nicknamed the “most lackluster actress” in “Descendants of The Sun”.

While many cast members became stars after the huge popularity of “Descendants of The Sun”, Jo Woo Ri struggled after this particular project. According to the actress herself, after playing Jang Eun Hee, she spent the next year struggling desperately, to the point she wanted to give up acting altogether. The actress felt insecure about her acting abilities and lacking fame, showing worries that she still hasn’t established any position for herself despite having debuted for years already.

In 2018, Jo Woo Ri finally managed to land a major role in “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”, where she showed off her outstanding beauty and impressive acting prowess. Despite playing an extremely annoying villain character, the audience can’t deny that Jo Woo Ro’s visuals make it hard to hate her, especially when the character redemption arc arrived. After “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”, Jo Woo Ri expressed that she has regained her confidence, despite earning mostly minor roles in later projects.

However, it seems that the actress is slowly withdrawing from the acting scene, with no new role starting from 2020. Jo Woo Ri also never mentions her acting career on her SNS, and instead only publishes photos of her daily life. Now in her 30s, she still radiates a youthful and alluring beauty, making many fans regret that they no longer get to see her on the small screen.

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