Nam Taehyun expressed his anger at being constantly harassed by stalkers

“I even had to move out because of you” Nam Tae Hyun complained about being stalked.

On the 29th, Singer Nam Tae Hyun posted on his personal Instagram to express his anger at his stalker with the caption: “The heat of today is as terrible as the stalkers. They even call my acquaintances and lies to them.”. 

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“This delusion of yours can be improved with therapy, treatments, and by taking medicine,” he said. “I don’t know you. I even had to move because of you. Please stop dreaming,” he continued angrily. 

Along with the truth about his stalker, Nam Taehyun revealed a photo of a direct message he received from a netizen talking with an acquaintance of his. In the photo Nam Taehyun released was a conversation between Nam Taehyun’s acquaintance and A who claimed to be Nam Taehyun’s soon-to-be lover.

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“I’ve been in touch with Nam Taehyun for three years. We’re still in touch,” A told Taehyun’s acquaintance. “I’m so angry that I’ve been contacting other guys without seeing anyone in the meantime.”

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