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Yoo Jae-suk Invited ‘Variety Genius’ Shin Ye-eun To Come Back To ‘Running Man,’ Will She Become A Fixed Member?

The members fell in love with Shin Ye-eun’s variety senses

In the latest episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” which aired on November 26th, Shin Ye-eun and Hong Jin-ho appeared as guests and competed with the members.

Following last week, in the second part of the Singapore episode, “Running Man” members were divided into groups of two and started “Singapore Racing with One Night Package Options”. The team with the most final team money would win, and the team with the least money would receive embarrassing penalties.

The concept of Shin Ye-eun and Yang Se-chan was “boyfriend and girlfriend.” Yang Se-chan introduced Shin Ye-eun, saying, “I changed my girlfriend,” and that his girlfriend has changed from Jeon So-min to Shin Ye-eun. The members joked, “So-min must be sad.”

Shin Ye-eun embarrassed Yang Se-chan by sending a cute ‘kkyu’ signal in line with her girlfriend concept. Yang Se-chan said with a straight face, “She’s even more over the board than Jeon So-min,” and Yoo Jae-seok also agreed.

Later in the episode, Shin Ye-eun had to do a face impression of Bo Suzuki in the manga “Crayon Shin-chan.” When she went on the shopping mission game, the actress suddenly changed her voice to sound like the character, showing how faithful she was to her concept.

Next, Shin Ye-eun sat in the massage seat during the massage mission, and then surprised everyone as she started smelling her feet. Shin Ye-eun said, “It really doesn’t smell like feet. I can eat bibimbap with my toes.” Yoo Jae-seok, who captured her witty remarks and actions, showed his desire to turn her into a fixed member, saying, “Ye-eun, come again next week if you have time.”

shin ye eun

On the bus to the next location, Shin Ye-eun began to show her talent at memorizing subway lines. However, contrary to expectations, she quickly made a mistake, making it hilarious. Ji Seok-jin was surprised, “How far can her character goes?” and Yoo Jae-seok complimented, “You’re really fun.”

In the last mission, Shin Ye-eun picked the wrong money note, and she was given a penalty to dance in front of the crowd and imitate more than five people.

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