Late Goo Ha-ra’s family responded to Cho Jong-beom’s appeal, “Such a disgraceful and unacceptable situation. We’ll do everything we can to win”

Choi Jong-beom, who was sentenced to prison on charges of assaulting and threatening the late singer Goo Ha-ra, objected to the court ruling.

According to Sports Kyunghyang on October 18th, Choi Jong-beom submitted his apparel to Judge Park Min of Seoul Northern District Cour’s Civil Affairs Division 9. 

Choi Jong-beom

Lawyer Roh Jong-eon of law firm S, the legal representative of Goo Ha-ra’s bereaved family, said to Sports Kyunghyang that they would respond with all their might to make Choi Jong-beom compensate for the damages.

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Lawyer Roh Jong-eon said, “The bereaved family considers this situation absolutely disgraceful”, adding “We will respond strongly because this it’s such an unacceptable choice

Choi Jong-beom was indicted in September 2018 on charges of hitting the deceased violently to the point that she was injured and threatening to distribute sexual intercourse video saying it would end her life as a celebrity.  

During Choi Jong-beom’s criminal trial in July 2020, Goo Ha-ra’s bereaved family filed a lawsuit against Choi Jong-beom for damage compensation worth 100 million won, and partially won the first trial. 

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