Choi Jong-beom reportedly filed an appeal against the first trial ruling of paying Goo Ha-ra’s family a compensation of 78 million won

Choi Jong-beom (31 years old), who was sentenced to prison for assaulting and threatening the late singer Goo Ha-ra, appealed against the first trial ruling.

According to people in the legal circles on October 18th, Choi Jong-beom submitted an appeal to Judge Park Min of Seoul Northern District Cour’s Civil Affairs Division 9. 

Goo Hara

In the lawsuit filed by the late Goo Ha-ra’s bereaved family against Choi for a damage compensation worth 100 million won, the first trial ruled “a payment of 78 million won” in favor of the plaintiffs to some extent.

Judge Park judged that Choi’s threats and assault caused extreme mental pain to the late Goo Ha-ra and that soon led to her extreme choice.

choi jong beom

Judge Park added, “Choi’s illegal activities led to Goo’s death, causing considerable mental pain to the plaintiffs, Goo’s family”, adding “Therefore, Choi should be responsible for compensating Goo and the plaintiffs for the mental damages he caused to them”.

Choi was indicted on charges of beating Goo Ha-ra, injuring her, and threatening her with a private video in September 2018. Choi was sentenced to one year in prison by the Supreme Court in October 2020.

Choi Jong-beom

During the Criminal trial in July 2020, Goo Ha-ra’s family filed a civil lawsuit against Choi. It is known that Goo Ha-ra’s biological mother, who caused controversies as she demanded inheritance only after the death of her daughter despite not having contacted Goo Ha-ra for 20 years, did not participate in this civil lawsuit.

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