Shocking Squid Game theory: The old man is the male lead’s biological father, hinting at season 2

The article includes Squid Game spoilers!

The most popular Korean series at the moment is definitely Squid Game. Released on September 17, the series quickly went viral on social networks, setting a record as the first Korean series to trend 1st place on Netflix US. After 9 episodes, Squid Game still makes the viewers analyze the details and share their theories because of the easter eggs in the drama.

Not only has the identity of the “MVP” been revealed many times throughout the episodes, it seems that Squid Game includes even more suspicious details. Some viewers after finishing the series have realized the special connection between the character Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) and the old man Il Nam (Oh Young Soo). Many viewers even come up with the theory that these two characters are father and son, thereby hinting at an even more terrifying future for Squid Game season 2.

3 obvious evidence pointing at the connection between 001 and 456

The first detail that attracts the viewers’ attention about these two characters is the numbers on their tracksuits. If the old man Il Nam gets the number 001 for his pivotal role, Gi Hun has the last number 456. This seems like an intentional arrangement and makes the audience immediately suspect of the two characters’ relationship.

In episode 3, there is a scene where the players are given bread and milk. However, Gi Hun has to ask again if there is chocolate milk, because he is intolerant to regular milk. Old man Il Nam hears this.  He tells Gi Hun that he must have been beaten by his father a lot when he was a child, because Il Nam used to do the same to his son. The fact that Il Nam‘s son looks like Gi Hun further evokes the association.

In the episode with the game of marbles, the playground is designed to simulate familiar Korean neighborhoods. A noticeable scene is when the old man says that there is an alley that looks exactly like the one he used to live in. Gi Hun then confirms that the same alley is a simulation of his childhood house. Perhaps, are the two father and son who used to live together but they don’t realize (or only Gi Hun doesn’t)?

The reason for the theory that 001 and 456 are related by blood?

It’s hard to totally believe this theory, because perhaps no father would push his son into deadly survival games like in the drama. However, what if that is the old man’s scheme?

The reason given by many viewers is that Gi Hun is meant to win the game. His number 456 is also the huge amount of money he receives in the end.

Like the masked Front Man (played by Lee Byung Hun), the person who oversees the run of Squid Game needs to win a season. In order for Gi Hun to become the next Front Man of Squid Game, he needs to be challenged and win this deadly survival battle.

At the end of episode 9, the viewers can see Gi Hun decide to return to Squid Game, either to keep fighting, or to take down this organization. However, there is another theory that he will follow in his “father’s footsteps” to oversee Squid Game in the future.

Squid Game is available on Netflix.

Sources: kenh14

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