Somi’s TikTok videos go viral as she covers AI-generated covers of herself singing “SEVEN” and “Super Shy” 

Somi’s latest AI self-cover videos on TikTok delighted fans.

Of late, Jeon Somi released a video on TikTok that garnered massive attention. This is Somi’s latest activity following her comeback with the EP “GAME PLAN” and the title track “Fast Forward” after two years of absence. In the video, Somi reacted and covered AI-generated versions of herself doing covers of other artists’ songs. The “Fast Foward” singer did two covers of the current hit songs, “SEVEN” and “Super Shy.”

Somi covered Jung Kook’s “SEVEN” after hearing an AI-generated version of herself singing the song 
Somi also did a cover of NewJeans’ “Super Shy” 

Using AI to generate random artists’ covers of popular songs has taken social media by storm lately. The technology shows startling accuracy in replicating a singer’s voice to produce any imaginable song covers. Fans have been using AI to listen to their favorite artists performing hit songs, and Somi is no exception. 

jeon somi
Somi showed humorous reactions to her own AI-generated voice

Upon hearing her AI-generated singing voice, Somi showed a surprised reaction. In response, she attempted to make her own cover versions of “SEVEN” by Jung Kook and “Super Shy” by NewJeans. 

Moreover, as Somi boasts a wide social circle in the K-pop world, fans hope she can prepare a collaboration with HYBE artists to promote her latest EP. it is known that Somi boasts a close relationship with artists under HYBE such as BTS RM.

Source: k14 

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