Lucas’s Documentary Receive Divided Reactions from K-pop fans 

Former NCT member recently dropped a documentary film prior to his return to the K-pop industry, drawing mixed reactions. 

Recently, a video titled “LUCAS Documentary Part1 | Freeze” was published on the official YouTube channel of Lucas. The documentary is revealed after Lucas announced his return to the K-pop industry, with SM also unveiling the male idol’s official SNS. 

In the documentary, Lucas shared that he struggled from physical and mental issues after his career-ruining scandal, which caused him to be on hiatus for over 2 years and led to his departure from NCT and WayV. 

Despite his emotional words, however, Lucas’s documentary film did not receive kind comments from Korean netizens. 

Particularly, on the Korean forum “theqoo”, netizens mentioned how they are baffled at SM allowing Lucas to return. 

Below are some comments from Korea netizens:

  • It’s fine that he’s releasing a new video and album, but mentioning how he still keep in touch with his former groupmates is annoying. If he truly feels at fault for affecting them (with his scandal), he should leave them alone. 
  • What the hell is wrong with SM… Bringing back a person who literally dated fans, cheated on them, and scammed them, all the while painting him as a victim?? This is such a disrespect to fans, most of whom are female 
  • International fans who still support him are just a bunch of idiots who don’t spend money. Meanwhile, SM’s English subtitles are weird, so all the group members are getting criticized too.
  • Can’t he work abroad and leave Korea alone?

On the other hand, international fans seem to welcome Lucas with better reactions, at the same time criticizing Korean fans for treating Lucas as if he were a criminal. They also express worry about Lucas’s status, especially after his words in the documentary film, and even defend the male idol against previous allegations.

At the same time, some international fans show a complete opposite reaction, criticizing Lucas for his past controversies and calling the ongoing support a “pity party” for a man who doesn’t deserve it.

It seems that the reactions to Lucas’ return are divided regardless of the market. 

Below is the documentary of Lucas that draws so many mixed reactions:

Source: Krb, theqoo

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