An NCT fan left a touching letter for her favorite idol Doyoung before passing away due to a rare disease

The letter written by an NCT fan, who passed away due to a rare disease, to her favorite member Doyoung touches everyone.

Recently, the letter that a rare disease patient wrote to her idol NCT Doyoung when she was alive was shared widely on SNS and online communities.


Starting with “Doyoung, I’m leaving now”, the letter contained all the stories of the situation when she got to know and like Doyoung as well as how she was able to endure the pain of her illness thanks to him.

This Chinese fan was diagnosed with a rare disease at a young age. Despite her illness, she did not lose hope and worked hard to study. Even after getting accepted into university, she had to continue fighting against the disease as the symptoms became worsened.


At a time when even doctors had given up hope, this fan happened to watch the video of NCT Doyoung singing “Beautiful” on “King of Mask Singer”.

Recalling the first moment she became a fan of Doyoung, the fan said, “At dawn on July 28th, 2021, I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. While looking for some videos, I suddenly saw you singing ‘Beautiful’ on ‘King of Mask Singer’.”

She continued, “I’ve listened to countless singers singing good songs, but your voice is different from anyone else’s. Your singing voice seeped into my heart, and it gave me a sense of security that I had never felt before”.

From that day on, she began to search for everything about Doyoung on the Internet and fell for him even more. She said that every time she saw Doyoung’s bright smile, she could forget her pain for a moment.

To that female fan, who did not have many friends because she had spent most of her short life in the hospital bed, Doyoung was not only an idol but also a friend.

Revealing that she had liked Doyoung for over 700 days, the fan said, “Thank you for being this me through this whole time”, adding “Doyoung ah, you really gave me the second life”.

She tearfully shared, “I’m sad that my eyesight has gotten worse and I cannot see my beloved Doyoung’s face anymore. However, I will never forget Doyoung’s singing voice and small rabbit-like eyes”.

Lastly, the fan told Doyoung to take care of his health and finished her letter by saying, “Anyway, goodbye, Doyoung ah. We will definitely meet again”.

Netizens who read the letter reacted, “My heart hurts”, “This is so heartbreaking”, “Doyoung must have been a great source of strength for this fan”, etc.

Source: Insight

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