Elementary School Girl Shares Thoughts On Being Called “NewJeans Minji’s Lookalike”

An elementary school girl recently created hot topics on Instagram for resembling NewJeans’s Minji

On December 7th, the YouTube channel “근황올림픽” uploaded a video titled “[Meeting Minji in the mountains] I’m going to meet NewJeans Minji’s doppelganger who is drawing attention on Instagram”.

The YouTuber met the little girl known by the nickname “NewJeans Minji’s lookalike” in Gangneung. Introducing herself, she said, “I’m Song Si-a from Class 1 of Grade 3 at Okgye Elementary School”.

The YouTuber said, “Can you take off your glasses? Many people commented saying you look more like Minji without glasses”. Si-a then took off her glasses and nodded, saying she had read comments like that.


When asked if she knew that she looked like Minji, Si-a confidently answered, “Other sisters in my neighborhood told me about it. People at school said that a lot too”. The YouTuber asked, “What do you think when you look at yourself in the mirror?”, Si-a said, “How can I be this pretty?. It sounds a little arrogant but I love myself”. Regarding the most memorable comment to her, the little girl said, “Who’s your mother? How could she give birth to such a pretty girl?”.

The YouTuber then asked Si-a to say something to Minji. Si-a looked at the camera and expressed her admiration for the female idol, saying “Minji unnie, thank you for being born in this world. Unnie, thank you for your existence. I love you”.

Si-a didn’t hesitate to present a dance performance to NewJeans’s song “Super Shy” and even imitated idol ending poses, showcasing her mischievous side. She also revealed that her dream is to become a soccer player. She said, “That’s my first dream. The second one is to become a fencer. My third dream is being a painter and the fourth one is to become an idol”, adding “After seeing Son Heung-min coolly scoring a goal, I began to dream of becoming a soccer player”.


Lastly, Si-a thanked everyone who showed interest in her, saying “Thank you for making me famous and giving me the chance to have this interview. I will try to sing and dance more beautifully in the future”.

In response to the video, netizens commented, “Such a smart, confident and pretty girl. I hope she grows up healthily and be happy in the future”, “Sia is so innocent and cute that I can’t help but smile when looking at her”, “How can she speak so well at that age? I’m sure she’ll become a great person in the future”, “She’s so lovely and talented. She has a really bright future”, etc.

Source: Nate

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