Park Bom’s recent status receives positive reactions, “There’s no need to worry about her health”

Singer Park Bom attracts netizens’ attention with her new SNS updates.

On August 14th, Park Bom released several new photos on her SNS account with the caption “Hello. This is Bom”.

The released pictures show Park Bom wearing a sleeveless outfit with her long hair hanging down. She made various poses while staring at the camera. In particular, she flipped her hair back to give off a cool impression and highlight her facial features.

The photos spread rapidly through online communities and aroused keen attention from netizens. Many people questioned, “Did Park Bom upload the pictures herself?”. Some commented, “Park Bom?”, “She looks cool when being confident in her own beauty”, “I think the photos would look better if she doesn’t use strange filters”, “She has her own standards of beauty”, etc.

Park Bom successfully lost 11kg with the help of a diet company. However, various speculations about her health condition were raised as she appeared at an overseas concert with her pre-diet state. In this regard, an insider stated, “There is no problem with her health. She is working out for her diet”.

Since then, Park Bom has been sharing updates on her whereabouts and communicating with netizens through photos on her SNS. While some pointed out her excessive makeup and editing of the pictures, fans praised Park Bom for her willingness to actively communicate with the public and raised voices to support her.

park bom

It is true that Park Bom’s effort to show herself as she is and to get closer to fans and the public deserve compliments. Rather than her look, it is her bright energy that should receive more attention.

Source: Daum

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