“Drunk driving” Kim Sae-ron returns to main job after 2 years of self-reflection “Appear in the play ‘Dongchimi'”

Actress Kim Sae-ron, who restrained herself due to drunk driving, will resume her activities

According to OSEN on April 17th, Kim Sae-ron will be appearing in the play “Dongchimi”. This marks her first acting activity after a period of self-reflection due to drunk driving.

Kim Sae-ron Dongchimi

Kim Sae-ron was apprehended by the police after crashing into several structures including transformers, guard rails and street trees while driving near Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on May 18th, 2022. Her blood test revealed a blood alcohol level of 0.2%, exceeding the license cancellation criteria of 0.08%.

Kim Sae-ron Dongchimi
Kim Sae-ron Dongchimi

Kim Sae-ron apologized, “I made a big mistake while drinking. I caused damage to so many people, including merchants and citizens. I should have acted more carefully and responsibly, but I couldn’t. I sincerely apologize. I am working out the damage caused by the accident together with the company. I will do my best to communicate and actively resolve the matter until the end.” After that, she took time for self-reflection.

During her period of self-reflection, she faced suspicions about her sincerity due to her alcohol-themed birthday party, and there were controversies surrounding her claims of financial difficulties and working part-time jobs. It was recently revealed that Kim Sae-ron is giving acting lessons to rookie actors and aspiring actors, rather than working in a café as previously reported.

Kim Sae-ron’s return to acting comes after about three years since “Drama Special – The Palace” (2021), and about two years since her period of self-reflection following the drunk driving controversy. During this time, Netflix’s “Bloodhounds”, in which Kim Sae-ron participated, was released, but most of her scenes were edited out due to the aftermath of the drunk driving incident.

Her comeback project “Dongchimi” delves into the lives of a family comprising a pragmatic father, a sacrificial mother and three siblings grappling with filial responsibilities amidst their interpersonal conflicts. The play will run from May 3rd to 12th at CTS Art Hall in Noryangjin-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul.

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