Ex-FIFTY FIFTY Trio In Search Of New Agency, Aiming To Become Artists Who Spread Good Influence

Saena (Jung Se-hyun), Sio (Jung Ji-ho) and Aran (Jung Eun-ah) are looking for a new home after leaving FIFTY FIFTY

Recently, the fan club of the three former FIFTY FIFTY members posted on their SNS account, saying “We contacted the legal team representing former FIFTY FIFTY members Saena, Sio and Aran asking how fans could provide help for the annoying legal proceedings. The legal representative then delivered a message from the trio after receiving permission from the three to share it publicly to give comfort and hope to fans.”

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The trio’s lawyer explained, “As a result of the lawsuit, we already achieved the exclusive contract termination as desired through mutual notification. Therefore, the artists are no longer under the management of Attrakt so there is no need for fans to provide legal assistance at the moment.” 

They continued, “However, the three members Jung Ji-ho, Jung Se-hyun and Jung Eun-ah are constantly practicing and recovering their health. They are also trying to find a new agency”, revealing the whereabouts of the trio.

“They still hope to continue doing music activities and becoming artists who can spread good influence. They will do their best to stand in front of fans as soon as possible. Even if the process feels a bit slow, we hope you can continue trusting and supporting them”, they added.

Meanwhile, FIFTY FIFTY previously filed an injunction against Attrakt to demand the suspension of their exclusive contract in June. However, the court dismissed it in August so the members submitted an appeal. 

Later, member Keena returned to Attrakt and disclosed that The Givers CEO Ahn Sung-il was behind the controversy. Saena, Sio and Aran denied this and insisted on continuing the appeal. In the end, Attrakt sued the trio for violating exclusive contracts as well as the three’s parents and The Givers officials for their participation in the breach of contract.

Source: Nate

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