Park Myung-soo talked about what Yoo Ah-in often did when the two met in their neighborhood in the past

Comedian Park Myung-soo expressed his affection for actor Yoo Ah-in.

On the broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” aired on January 7th, Park Myung-soo hosted the “Search N Chart” corner with big data expert Jeon Min-gi. Accordingly, the most popular keywords related to New Year were “2022”, “Year of the Tiger”, and “tiger”.

Park Myung-soo Yoo Ah-in

Park Myung-soo then mentioned Yoo Ah-in, a star who was born in the year of the tiger. He said, “Yoo Ah-in was also born in the year of the tiger, and he will walk on a flower road this year. Isn’t he so good acting because he was born in the ‘tiger’ year?”

Park Myung-soo then explained that he often bumped into Yoo Ah-in when they were living in the same neighborhood. He said, “Yoo Ah-in greeted me whenever we met on the street. He smiled brightly and said, ‘Oh! Hyungnim (Brother)!’.” When the big data expert said he envied him, Park Myung-soo replied, “You don’t have to envy me. I cannot meet him anymore. He already moved his house”, drawing laughter.

Park Myung-soo Yoo Ah-in

In fact, Park Myung-soo has expressed his affection for Yoo Ah-in on the radio several times. Last month, he also mentioned the actor, saying, “Yoo Ah-in is the most loyal actor I know. He’s an actor whom I really want to be close with.”

Park Myung-soo Yoo Ah-in

Since Yoo Ah-in appeared on “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show” in the past, the two are said to have maintained their close friendship. When his fans left malicious comments about Park Myung-soo in February last year, Yoo Ah-in even responded to those fans intensely.

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