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Sandara Park discusses why YG disband 2NE1 + her feelings when the news came out 

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park showed a strong will for the group’s reunion.

In the September 14th episode of the MBC talk show “Radio Star”. Oh Yoon Ah, Sandara Park, Yang Jae Woong, and Justin Harvey appeared. 

On this day, Sandara Park honestly shared her feelings about the disbandment of 2NE1 and their surprise reunion stage at the Coachella Festival in the United States.

Sandara Park debuted in 2009 under YG Entertainment as a member of 2NE1, who has since received great love by releasing numerous hit songs such as “I Don’t Care”, “I Am The Best” and “Fire”.

In particular, the female idol said, “Originally, 2NE1 was set to debut as a three-member group. I couldn’t even drink, but still drank a bottle of soju by myself, but later on I miraculously joined 2NE1 when Teddy offered me to record.”

During her career, Sandara Park drew attention for her youthful appearance, slender body, and unconventional hairstyles.

Talking about her many iconic hairstyles, Sandara Park expressed, “I’ve tried everything from palm tree hair to baldness. I did a lot of experimental things with the idea of becoming an artist on the stage rather than a woman. I happened to be in a relationship when I had a shaggy cut. The half-shaved hairstyle is sexy when I put on makeup, but when I remove it, it looks ugly. My boyfriend at the time told me I looked pretty, though.”

Sandara Park

2NE1 disbanded in 2016. At the time, even the members were shocked, revealing that they only heard of their own disbandment through media articles. 

Regarding her feelings about this particular day, Sandara Park shared, “It just felt like the sky was falling. Since the situation was not good, I think the company decided that it was difficult to promote. We worked for 7 years, but only 2 full albums were released. From then on, it’s just me. After the disbandment, I thought I shouldn’t mention the group name on entertainment shows, so those were my darkest years. Reunion is still my dream.”

She also added, “Of course, I think that the time everyone wants and fits will come. When I see SNSD (Girls’ Generation) as a whole these days, I thought the 2nd generation was not dead yet.” 


2NE1 recently reunited at the Coachella Festival, the largest music festival in America. A legendary performance was born as CL, who was invited to the Coachella Festival, brought 2NE1 to the full stage.

Sandara Park then continued to explain the reason behind this grand stage and her worries that since it has been a long time, she was afraid nobody would recognize 2NE1. 

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