A peek into Jessica’s life after leaving the Korea’s Nation Girl Group SNSD

Jessica’s life after the departure from SNSD and SM Entertainment receives a lot of attention from the public.

Jessica Jung is known to the audience as a member of the group SNSD which debuted in 2007. However, in 2014 fans were shocked by her announcement that she was forced to leave the group. Since then, the female idol’s activities have been kept in a low profile and she rarely appears on TV shows. However, the information involving the former SNSD member is still of great interest to the audience.

Jessica’s life received a lot of attention.

Recently, netizens couldn’t help but be excited when Jessica’s side announced that she would join the Sisters Who Make Waves. This is a Chinese reality television show broadcasting on Mango TV which features 30 female celebrities over 30 years old who must compete to debut in a brand new girl group. Jessica received attention from the audience when she appeared to look for a chance to debut again. Previously, Jia (Miss A) also participated in this program.

Jessica is suspected of participating in a survival show in China to save her reputation. 

The news that Jessica Jung will appear on the show makes fans excited as this is the female idol’s first comeback to a music show after many years. Since leaving SNSD, the female idol rarely appears on television. Even when releasing a new product, she does not promote on music shows. Rare shows featuring Jessica are Mix Nine and Beauty Bible.

After being forced to leave the group, Jessica’s reputation is also said to somewhat decline. She joined Coridel Entertainment to develop a solo career with albums like With Love, J, Wonderland, and My Decade. However, she was said to be a “flop” and the productions did not resonate despite a fairly stable record. Many people also think that the female idol’s music is difficult to absorb and not attractive. 

Besides, Coridel previously signed a contract with two companies to promote female idols in the Chinese market. But not long after that, she was sued for non-compliance with the contract and had to compensate 1.6 million USD.

Despite releasing many products, Jessica’s name still lags behind.

In addition, the female idol also caused a stir when signing a contract with United Talent Agency in 2018. But so far, fans have not had the opportunity to enjoy any new music products from the female idol. 

In 2020, the 1989-born beauty released the Shine novel written by herself. The work is inspired by Jessica‘s life. However, some details of Shine are controversial when they are considered negative, “mockingSNSD as well as SM Entertainment.

Jessica uses her younger sister Krystal (f(x)) as a character.

Jessica Jung once attracted attention when she and her boyfriend founded their own fashion brand Blanc & Eclare. This brand is popular with many idols and has achieved high sales. But then, BLANC Group (the company that runs Blanc & Eclare) was involved in a billion-dollar debt. Although she was confirmed not to be related to the lawsuit, Jessica Jung‘s reputation was also more or less affected.

Jessica’s fashion house used to make a lot of money. 

Besides, the female idol’s acting career is not very prominent. Since her solo activities, the number of projects she participates in is quite humble. Some of the movies that can be mentioned are I Love That Crazy Little Thing and My Other Home. Meanwhile, when she was active in SNSD, she took on many roles. At the same time, other members of SNSD such as Yoona, Seohyun, Yuri are shining in this area.

Although her artistic activities are not exciting, Jessica Jung makes an impression in the fields of business and fashion. Besides the Blanc & Eclare brand, she also opened a restaurant in the Cheongdamdong area in Gangnam (Seoul, South Korea) named Clareau. The female idol is also a bright face in the field of fashion and advertising. She is known as the brand ambassador of Revlon.

On social networks, Jessica also constantly updates photos full of luxury. The female idol owns a collection of designer bags, often wears fashionable and trendy outfits. Fans think that her huge fortune is enough to live well without any more activities in the industry.

Jessica is always associated with the image of a luxurious and rich girl. 

Information about Jessica Jung participating in the show Sisters Who Make Waves has received a lot of attention from the public. This is the rare time she appears on a music show since leaving SNSD. Although her solo career is quite quiet, she is still admired by many people for her talent, wealth, and beauty. Currently, the female idol has a luxurious life that many people dream of. 

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