ITZY members rushed to cover Yuna with a jacket as she feels cold in her bra top

When Yuna felt cold at the Seoul National University festival, ITZY members directly covered her with a varsity jacket.

On May 11th, ITZY attended the Seoul National University festival and took time to communicate with students through various performances.


Here, ITZY heated up the festival stage by showcasing various intense performances of their hit songs “Dalla Dalla”, “Wannabe”, “Sneakers”, and “Twenty”.

In particular, member Yuna drew attention by flaunting her outstanding figure. Yuna, who wore a halter-neck bra top and high-waisted pants, perfectly flaunted her slim waist and firm hip line.

During that time, ITZY said, “Everyone looks so cute in varsity jackets. We should try them on.”


Before wearing the varsity jackets, ITZY members showed their consideration by asking for permission from the students of Seoul National University.

At this time, Yuna asked, “Isn’t everyone cold right now?” When the students said they were not cold, she asked, “Then is it hot?”

In response, the members said, “Our Yuna is cold“, and brought out a varsity jacket, rushing to put it on Yuna first. 


Yuna, who was touched, wore the varsity jacket with a bright smile and made everyone laugh by imitating the students.

Meanwhile, ITZY departed for Tokyo, Japan through Gimpo International Airport on May 13th to attend the KCON JAPAN 2023 schedule.

Source: Insight

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