Suzy flaunted her cheeky side and made Jo Hyun Ah flustered

Singer-actress Suzy caused laughter by confidently saying, “I came to drink” in a talk show with Jo Hyun Ah.

On the afternoon of the 30th, a video titled ”Careful heart | Drinking, singing, pretty, cute, and funny… Suzy does the difficult things…♥| EP.09 | Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night | Suzy Jo Hyun Ah” was released on the YouTube channel “Jo Hyun Ah‘s Thursday Night”. In the video, Suzy appeared as a guest.

Known to be “The Nation’s First Love”, Suzy appeared with a bright smile and met with Jo Hyun Ah. The singer-actress also embraced Jo Hyun Ah, who welcomed her by singing along with piano playing.


Then, Suzy caused laughter by telling Jo Hyun Ah, “You look quite normal today. Oh wait, never mind. You’re not“, causing laughter.

Before starting the actual talk, Jo Hyun Ah said to Suzy, “Let’s take a drink. For you, I prepared lemon”, and hilariously explained that eating lemons would make their faces “prettier”. 

The two female stars then cheered and shared a drink. 


Suzy then said, “It’s so bright here”, to which Jo Hyun Ah questioned, “Are you here to drink or do talks?”

In response, Suzy cheekily responded, “I came here to drink”, then drew laughter by asking Jo Hyun Ah to play some music. 

Hearing this, Jo Hyun Ah became flustered before replying, “Are you in a bar? Is this a street vendor? It’s my house!”, adding, “This girl came to drink.”

Source: Nate

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