“The Glory” Star Jung Sung-il To Appear In New Drama “Trigger” With Kim Hye-soo

Actor Jung Sung-il will become a producer in his new drama project

Star News’s exclusive report on October 7th confirmed that Jung Sung-il has been cast in the new drama “Trigger (working title)”.

“Trigger” is a comedy drama about an investigative reporting crew revealing the truth of mysterious events and trying to save a program on the verge of cancellation, centering on a righteous team leader and an individualist PD.


In this drama, Jung Sung-il will play the PD, a self-reliant man who grew up in an environment full of individual battles. This character can be described positively as an independent person and negatively as a person who only cares about himself. Together with team leader PD, he will meet various victims with their own stories and clean the eyes and ears of the public stained with bad news.

Actress Kim Hye-soo has received the offer to play team leader PD and is reviewing the role. In particular, “Trigger” is produced by Keyeast as the next drama by PD Yoo Sun-dong, who directed “The Uncanny Counter” series.

Previously, Jung Sung-il made headlines with his performance in Netflix’s global hit series “The Glory”, which was released in December last year. His upcoming movies, including Netflix’s “War and Revolt” and “The Interview”, are about to premiere soon. The actor is also positively considering a role in the drama “Guardians”.

Source: Daum

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