Police No Longer Believe A’s Testimony After Receiving Criticism For Unreasonable Investigations On GD And Lee Sun-kyun

Korean police have been criticized for their unreasonable investigation against actor Lee Sun-kyun and singer G-Dragon

A, a head of the adult entertainment establishment, was the one to start the drug scandal that has shaken the entertainment industry. Earlier, the police raided A’s home after receiving a report that A was taking drugs with VIPs at an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul. In the process of an internal investigation, the names of Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon were revealed, which has not happened before.

However, the results of the detailed drug tests so far for both stars are either negative or not qualified to test. The investigation was conducted only with A’s statement and without evidence. The police are criticized as they may have conducted an unreasonable investigation. 

g dragon

Later on, A reversed her statement, which the police originally cited as the background of the investigation. On the 24th and 29th of last month, KBS revealed A’s new testimony, saying that she did not directly see G-Dragon taking drugs, but actor B, who visited the hostess bar with him may have taken drugs. In addition to actor B, A is also known to have raised suspicions of singer C’s drug use in the police investigation.

However, the police are unlikely to launch another investigation based solely on A’s statement anymore. The Incheon National Police Agency says it does not plan to immediately expand the scope of the investigation and summon B and C just because the name was mentioned in A’s statement. Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon were identified in the internal investigation stage, and as the results of their detailed drug tests were negative, criticism poured in, so police are believed to be taking a more cautious approach.

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