Han Ji-min x Lee Jin-wook, “We will get married next month” – They almost became a top star couple like Son Ye-jin x Hyun Bin

Han Ji-min and Lee Jin-wook showed off their chemistry like a real married couple.

Actress Han Ji-min and actor Lee Jin-wook‘s agency BH Entertainment posted a video on its official YouTube channel on the afternoon of February 17th under the title of “BHIND chemistry king and queen. Jimin x Jin-wook’s mischievous prank.”

“The famous chemistry king and queen. The secret to their popularity here is their beauty, communication skills, humor… This is the Behind the scenes some might have never watched, but no one who has watched it only watched it once. Enjoy it without waiting,” says the caption.

In the video, Han Ji-min and Lee Jin-wook went to eat lunch during the filming of the movie “Happy New Year.” The restaurant owner gives Han Ji-min an extra dish and says, “Since you’re pretty, I’ll give you two. People are more of a heart than a face,” he stressed, and Lee Jin-wook praised her as “a really pretty heart.”

han ji min lee Jin-wook

The owner was curious, “Why are you taking a picture?” and Han Ji-min said, “I’m taking it to leave some memories. As we both wore the same clothes,” she said, playing a couple with the actor.

Lee Jin-wook also said, “Let’s get married next month” he joked, and Han Ji-min asked the owner, “Do you think we can do it?”

Then the owner said, “I think he’ll help you a lot. I think he’ll be kind. He looks like a family man,” she praised Lee Jin-wook.

However, Han Ji-min commented, “I think it’ll be tricky,” and Lee Jin-wook told the owner, “You saw it exactly. I’m having a hard time. I just endure her because she’s pretty. As long as she’s pretty, I’m fine,” he said.

han ji min lee Jin-wook

The owner, who really believed they were a couple who were to get married, said, “Come again when you get married. I’ll give you free food” she said happily. Later, the owner found out that it was a skit and asked for an autograph, saying she would bring it to her grandchildren, and expressed her joy, saying, “It’s an honor to meet you like this.”

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