“The next BLACKPINK,” BABYMONSTER reveals their final member, raising expectations of their debut 

As the final girl was revealed, BABYMONSTER is ready for the long-awaited debut. 

On March 2nd, YG Entertainment uploaded the introduction video of Haram, the final member to be revealed of BABYMONSTER. The self-introduction series has concluded and fans are eager for what’s coming next. 


According to the published information, BABYMONSTER is a multinational girl group that contains 3 Korean members (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), 2 Thai members (Chiquita, Pharita) and two Japanese members (Ruka, Asa).

Haram, the last member to be introduced, was selected in recognition of her overflowing talent from an early age. She stood out from the crowd in the first monthly evaluation by carrying confidence and a relaxed appearance when everyone was feeling nervous. Haram drew attention with her vocal ability that reminded viewers of Rosé (BLACKPINK.)


The first member to be introduced, Ruka showcased her talent as a trainee from Japan. She boasted talent in dancing, a skill she had been honing for 10 years, and a thorough understanding of hip-hop, drawing rave reviews. 


Pharita is a gem from Thailand. She was selected from 1226 applicants and came to Korea for training. She is recognized for her powerful and confident singing voice as well as captivating dance moves. Leaving the nest at such an early age, Pharita was determined, saying, “I came from Thailand, 3600 km away from here with the dream of becoming a YG artist. That’s how precious my dream is and I want this so badly.” 

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Rora was selected as a YG Entertainment trainee and a former member of U.SSO Girl. She is known as a “growth idol” who demonstrates growth with each day. She is considered the fastest growing member in the vocal and dance departments.


Asa drew attention for her meticulousness to minor details. It is her questions about the smallest details that help the trainee learn the choreography the quickest. Asa’s rap trainer praised her for a natural rhythmic sense that could pull off various tongue twists and great dictions. 


Chiquita is the second Thai member that bears a lot of resemblance to Lisa (BLACKPINK). A bubbly personality and amazing dance skills, the youngest member of BABYMONSTER draws attention to herself naturally. 

babymonster chiquita

Ahyeon is considered the “center” in regards to both stage presence and performance. A fluent speaker of English and Chinese since she was 5, Ahyeon can help bridge the gap between domestic to foreign market. 


Source: Daum

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