The identity of a hand in NCT Jaehyun’s new photo became an issue

NCT 127 member Jaehyun has been at the center of attention for his unexpected recent photos.

With the group NCT 127 making its first North American tour in 11 cities in the United States and Canada, member Jaehyun has been at the center of attention for his unexpected recent photos.

Jaehyun posted several solo photos on NCT’s official Twitter account in the early morning of May 20th.

In the photo, Jaehyun was staring at the camera against the backdrop of the Vancouver Sea.


Jaehyun took off his hat and posed various poses such as lying on the side of the railing.


But one of the photos caught the attention of netizens.


In this photo, Jaehyun was standing straight with a V sign.

There was a scary fact hidden in his ordinary-looking photograph. On his left foot, there’s some kind of a hand reaching out and holding onto his leg from underneath.


When the photo was released, netizens were divided, saying, “It’s just a fake model” and “It’s another member holding him because there’s a staircase in the back.”

The photo was flooded with comments and fans wanted Jaehyun to add a description of the situation. Later in the day, Jaehyun left a message related to the photo.


But the unexpected reenactment shocked the fans even more.

Along with the hot issue photo itself, he said in the caption, “WHAATT?!! What is this??”.


If it wasn’t a joke by other members, and if he didn’t even know about it himself, what was the identity of the hand holding his left foot?

The identity of Jaehyun’s hand remains a mystery, with netizens responding to the photos with many comments such as “A ghost??”,This is scary“, and “Then what is it?”.

Meanwhile, Jaehyun and NCT 127 is on its 12th North American tour in 11 U.S. and Canadian cities, starting with a performance at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on the 24th last month.

Source: Dispatch

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