SEVENTEEN Seungkwan to Be Absent from Schedules Due to Poor Condition, Focuses on Rest and Recovery

SEVENTEEN member Seungkwan will be absent from the upcoming schedules due to his poor condition.

On June 3rd, SEVENTEEN’s agency Pledis Entertainment released a statement that reads, “Seungkwan recently visited the hospital due to poor condition, and the medical staff advised him to get sufficient rest and stability.”


Pledis continued, “Although Seungkwan himself has a strong will for activities, we have decided it is better for Seungkwan to focus on recovering his health according to the medical staff’s advice.”

They further added, “Regrettably, Seungkwan will be unable to participate in upcoming schedules such as the Tencent Music Entertainment Awards (TMEA) 2023, the fan signing event in China, and SEVENTEEN’s Tour ‘Follow’ in Seoul. We apologize to the fans and ask for your understanding.

Lastly, Pledis stated, “Our agency will do our best to support Seungkwan in recovering his health and meeting the fans again.”

SEVENTEEN last made their comeback in April with the new title track “Super.” 

Source: Daum.

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