Jun Ji Hyun is going viral for matching with NewJeans’ “Ditto” MV

Famous actress Jun Ji Hyun lives up to her title of “the nation’s first love” with visuals that can fit seamlessly with NewJeans’ “Ditto MV”

It has been over 2 decades, yet actress Jun Ji Hyun is still considered the epitome of beauty. The actress’ visuals in her youth is also on a completely different league, and recently, has gone viral again. In addition, as NewJeans’ new MV “Ditto” brings nostalgia of the old school days, a video of Jun Ji Hyun in school uniform becomes the talk of town. 

young jun ji hyun
Videos of Jun Ji Hyun in school fit seamlessly with NewJeans’ “Ditto” MV

In particular, the video shows Jun Ji Hyun’s youthful and innocent beauty with long black hair. Despite wearing no intricate makeup or fancy clothes, the actress exuded a goddess-like aura. Coupled with such visuals is an “old film” color palette that greatly resembles NewJeans’ “Ditto”, creating a “match made in heaven”. 

young jun ji hyun
With her innocent and youthful visuals, Jun Ji Hyun shines spectacular despite wearing little makeup and a simple school uniform. 
young jun ji hyun
The “old film” color palette helps make Jun Ji Hyun look even more nostalgic. With long straight hair, a radiant smile, and a cheeky personality, the actress truly looks like “the nation’s first love” 
young jun ji hyun
In every footage, Jun Ji Hyun boasts a goddess-like aura that easily draws people in.
young jun ji hyun
Jun Ji Hyun looks like beauty and grace at its essence, with no need for fancy embellishments 
Jun Ji-hyun
This footage looks like it can be taken straight out of “Ditto”
young jun ji hyun
Across her career, there have been no moments where Jun Ji Hyun doesn’t exude extreme allure. It seems as if the actress’ ethereal beauty is untouched by time. 

Source: k14 

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