“Son Naeun had plastic surgery again?” K-netizens react to Son Naeun’s latest update 

Son Naeun’s latest look has sparked a discussion

A recent post titled “Did Son Naeun have plastic surgery again?” was shared on the online community Pann and gained attention. The post reads:

“I used to think Son Naeun looked so pretty with her old face, but looking at the recent photos, it seems like her face has changed again. Did she get more work done on her face?

Can someone suddenly change her so much in just a month…? Something seems different.

I thought she was beautiful just a month ago and now I miss that look.”

Original post: pann

Under the post, other netizens left comments defending Son Naeun: 

  • There can be differences due to lighting, makeup, and even the way photos are taken. Why do people always jump to conclusions about plastic surgery?
  • Female idols are still getting criticized, even second-generation idols. Ironically, male idols from the same era often get praised. Female idols like IU, Taeyeon, and Son Naeun, who have done nothing wrong, are constantly targeted with rumors about plastic surgery. It’s really annoying. And then people talk about women’s rights? 
  • Honestly, it doesn’t even seem like Son Naeun got plastic surgery this time, but why do you all keep talking about female celebrities getting plastic surgery every day?
  • Wow, Son Naeun is still facing this kind of criticism? As expected, if women are pretty and successful, they will forever be the enemy of some women…
  • Son Naeun’s haters are still going strong… Well, people like this are getting ugly and miserable as they age, while Son Naeun is still doing well as an actress and living her life beautifully, so how jealous can they be?
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