935 Entertainment released official statement about “Producer 2” Lee Ji-han, who died in the Itaewon disaster… “He was a friendly and warm friend”

Actor Lee Ji-han, who was a former contestant in “Produce 101 Season 2”, passed away at the age of 24 in the Itaewon disaster.

On October 30th, Lee Ji-han’s agency 935 Entertainment said to Xports News, “It is true that Lee Ji-han died in the accident that occurred in Itaewon on October 29th”.

In their official statement, the agency said, “Actor Lee Ji-han has left us and become a star in the sky”. They continued, “We would like to express our deep sympathy to the bereaved family, who are deeply saddened by this sudden heartbreaking news, and all the people who also love, and cherish Lee Ji-han and mourn him”, adding “Actor Lee Ji-han was a friendly and warm friend to everyone. We still can’t believe that we will not be able to see our bright and pure actor Lee Ji-han, who always smiled brightly and greeted us confidently, anymore”. 

'Produce 101' Lee Ji-han

Lastly, they said, “Please send our actor Lee Ji-han, who left us too soon, off warmly on his last journey.”

An agency official said, “We also hoped it was not true, and were very shocked when hearing the news. We are cautiously delivering the news in the situation that the deceased’s family members are very sad. May the deceased rest in peace.”

Earlier on the same day, other Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” contestants Park Hee-seok, Cho Jin-hyung, and Kim Do-hyun also posted an obituary, saying “The late Lee Ji-han left us on October 30th, 2022, and went to a peaceful place. Please say goodbye to him on his final path.”

itaewon stampede

Born in 1998, Lee Ji-han participated in Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017 and made his name known to the public. He also acted in the 2019 web drama “Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day”.

The deceased’s mortuary has been set up at the funeral hall of Myongji Hospital and the funeral will be held on November 1st.

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