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Suzy explains why she replied “thank you” in a cute way to senior actor Bae Yong-joon’s encouragement message

Singer-actress Suzy confessed that she answered the text message from actor Bae Yong-joon in a cute way during “Dream High” filming. 

Suzy guested on SBS’s entertainment program “MMTG”, which aired on July 1st, and talked about her debut drama “Dream High” with Jae Jae.

Actor Bae Yong-joon appeared as the President of Kirin Arts High School in “Dream High” who didn’t let Go Hye-mi, played by Suzy, pass the audition. Ko Hye-mi then boldly confronted the President. 


Regarding this scene, Jae Jae said, “Since it was your acting debut, you must have felt so pressured. But you looked bold and not nervous at all in the scene you talked back to Bae Yong-joon sunbaenim. It was very impressive”

Suzy said, “I remember he said that to me, too”. Jae Jae continued, “I heard Bae Yong-joon sent text messages with his encouragement to young actors like Kim Soo-hyun, Ham Eun-jung, etc. Junior actors politely answered in honorifics but you replied him ‘Thank you’ in a cute way. Is that true?”


Suzy said it was true and explained, “I was so thankful… He’s a senior who is as great as the sky so I was afraid that he might feel comfortable if I answered too formally”, drawing laughter.

Source: Nate

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