Leaked information about SM artist’s contract: EXO fans can be relieved, most shocking is f(x)!

Netizens are spreading information about the possibility of re-signing the contract of some SM Entertainment artists.

Before the re-signing of the contract between the artist and the company, fans often feel worried because this is also the moment to decide whether a group will continue together or lose some members or even worse, disband. Recently, EXO and f(x)’s contract information appeared on a number of websites that caught many people’s attention.

Specifically, according to the 2018 audit report, all EXO and f(x)’s members have re-signed their contracts with SM Entertainment, but it is unclear how many years it will last.

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The audit report is said to be of SM Entertainment

The contract of 9 EXO members with SM is expected to expire this year despite many other sources assuming that their contracts may last until 2022. Not long ago there were rumors of D.O. terminating his contract with the company, but SM quickly rejected it soon after.

Right behind the YG’s grirlgroup is the famous boygroup from SM Entertainment – EXO. In 2017, Vogue named EXO as the most fashionable K-Pop group of all time.

However, the case of f(x) surprised many people when, according to the above report, all 4 members re-sign their contracts. f(x) has stopped working for 4 years, the last album of the group was released in 2015. Currently, the members are focused on their solo career, Victoria is constantly working in China and hasn’t had a schedule in Korea for a long time. In many interviews, 4 members were not sure about the possibility of a comeback, making many people think that SM will soon announce the disbanding of the group.

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f(x) renew the contract even if the group has been suspended for 4 years?

f(x) renewing the contract has raised conflicting opinions. Most f(x) fans are happy that this means they have a chance to see 4 talented girls return in the near future. However, many people are worried about the future of f(x). If SM still does not care about the group, they are afraid that the 4 members will waste their talent if they still don’t have any activities.

In addition to f(x) and EXO, Sulli – a former member of f(x) was also announced to re-sign her contract with SM. Since leaving the group, she has often become the promotional face of many brands.

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Sulli also signed a contract with SM

However, this is still not official information from SM Entertainment. According to other sources, the audit report for the fourth quarter of 2018 means that the artists here need to renew their contracts in April to report that they can register in the second quarter of 2019. The fans of these artists are expecting SM to quickly confirm the information so that they can be assured of the future of their idols.

Sources: k14

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