K-netizens Suspected Pledis’s Rookie Boygroup Cheated On Music Charts

On February 5, a post was made on the popular Korean forum Nate Pann with the title “TWS‘s sajaegi is amazing.” The post pointed out 4 suspicious points about TWS’s high achievements on Korean music charts with their new song “plot twist,” suspecting the group of cheating (sajaegi).

In particular, the post claimed, during the weekend, the number of its unique listeners did not decrease at all and even increased (so far, no singer’s number of listeners did not decrease on the weekend, including Lim Youngwoong).

Pledis’s Rookie Boygroup Cheated On Music Charts

During the Korea-Australia football match and weekend, 99 songs on the TOP 100 of Melon all decreased, only the group’s song increased steadily.

There has been no decrease in the number of unique listeners since its release.

Pledis’s Rookie Boygroup Cheated On Music Charts

At night, the public does not listen to music, so groups and artists with strong fandoms, if the fandoms stream well, can increase their rankings by 10 to 20 places compared to before, typically Lim Youngwoong and PLAVE. “As for this group, if you look at the data, their rankings spiked at midnight. In other words, people call this “fandom streaming,” but this group has just debuted, what kind of evolution must the fandom have to stream music more strongly than Lim Youngwoong and the top groups’???” the post added.

Pledis’s Rookie Boygroup Cheated On Music Charts

Under the post, many comments have been made showing agreement. Some of the top comments include,

Pledis’s Rookie Boygroup Cheated On Music Charts
Pledis’s Rookie Boygroup Cheated On Music Charts
  1. This is a bit… Even IU dropped in rankings but this group alone keeps increasing steadily
  2. It is only possible if TWS owns a top-class male idol fandom and is widely known to the public like IVE, LE SSERAFIM,…
  3. No matter how explosive this group’s reel is on Instagram, they are not that popular on other platforms. How can they climb so strangely fast on Melon, where an artist can only increases their rankings when they attract the public?
    ->Actually, this group’s reel is not that viral
    ->This song’s reel is not even as popular as their fans claim
  4. They said this group made a huge hit in Korea but looking at the number of views on this group’s channel, it’s ridiculous.

Source: Nate Pann

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