“Squid Game 2” will reveal an additional cast lineup, “Regarding actresses…”

Netflix confirmed that additional casts for “Squid Game Season 2” would be announced soon.

In an interview with Hangyoreh on June 19th, an official from Netflix said, “It is still unknown whether any actresses will appear in ‘Squid Game 2’”, adding “Additional cast will be announced soon”.

Earlier on the previous day (June 18th), Netflix unveiled the cast lineup for “Squid Game Season 2”. In particular, fans showed enthusiastic cheers for the return of Season 1 cast, including Lee Jung Jae, Lee Byung Hun, Wi Ha Joon and Gong Yoo, and the joining of new actors, including Im Si Wan, Kang Ha Neul, Park Sung Hoon and Yang Dong Geun.

squid game Im Si Wan

However, some Korean and overseas viewers wondered, “No girls cast?”, “Why are there no women?”, etc. While Season 1 featured numerous actresses, such as Jung Ho Yeon, Kim Joo Ryung, and Lee Yoo Mi, only actors were revealed in the Season 2 casting video this time. One netizen guessed, “There should be female casts. Additional casts are likely to be announced soon.”

Released in 2021, “Squid Game” depicts the story of people struggling in survival games to win the prize of 45.6 billion won and gained huge love from global viewers.

Squid Game

Last year, “Squid Game” director Hwang Dong Hyuk officially announced the production of Season 2 on Netflix’s Twitter account, saying “And now, Gi Hoon returns. The Front Man also returns”. He added, “The man in the suit with ddakji (Gong Yoo) might be back. You’ll also be introduced to Young Hee’s boyfriend, Cheol Su. Join us once more for a whole new round”, raising fans’ expectations.

Later, there have been rumors that Seasons 2 and 3 of “Squid Game” will be produced at the same time with a total of 13 episodes. However, Netflix stated, “Nothing has yet to be confirmed”, adding “We’re focusing on Season 2”.

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