There is a 400GB clip recording all of Kris Wu and 7 accomplices’ crimes?

The scandal of Kris Wu continues to have more complicated details. Page iFeng reported, netizens are currently sharing information that someone has a clip weighing up to… 400GB, revealing all the crimes of the male singer born in 1990.Page iFeng said that Kris Wu’s crime was not simply a “girl recruiting” drinking party but also related to a professional drug trafficking ring. It is estimated that he could be sentenced to more than 10 years in prison.

kris wu was accused of raping a victim in the us and arranging public girlfriend recruiting parties 23892823

According to iFeng, there were additional participants at Kris Wu’s party, including 5 men and 1 woman. Meanwhile, a China Times source claims that there are at least six men and one women in the group, which includes celebrities and children of high ranking officials.

Furthermore, there is information that Wu Yifan attempted to book an urgent aircraft back to Canada but was apprehended by the authorities.

Wu Yifan 27392792372

Currently, the above information is all rumors that have not been validated as true or fake. Fans are furious right now, expecting that the police would provide official information about the incident soon.

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