Former Female Idol Mocked aespa’s Karina with SNS update? 

A former female idol recently published a new SNS update which implied at aespa’s Karina during a sensitive time. 

Recently, JinE, a former member of girl group Oh My Girl, published a new story on Instagram. In this latest SNS update, JinE shows a photo of herself in the snow, along with a caption that says “karina karina karina nanrina ㅋㅋ”. 

JinE Oh My Girl

This can be considered a wordplay that translates to “Wow things are hectic”. 

Many netizens who see the post can’t help but be reminded of aespa’s Karina, who was recently revealed to be dating actor Lee Jae-wook, making it quite hectic. 

lee jae wook-karina thumbnail

As a result, many suspected that JinE is mocking Karina’s current situation, or at least making fun of it, leading to criticism. Some others, however, argued that this is just a harmless joke. 

On the other hand, JinE went on hiatus from Oh My Girl’s activities in 2015 due to the eating disorder anorexia. She officially withdrew from Oh My Girl in 2017. 

Source: K Crush

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