Song Ji Hyo still hasn’t received her scheduled payment from her agency

Despite the scheduled payment date, Song Ji Hyo’s former agency Uzu Rocks has not made any moves to pay her.

On May 4th, an official from Song Ji Hyo‘s side told TV Report, “The unpaid settlement has not been deposited yet. We didn’t expect it to be deposited in the morning and now we don’t even expect it to be deposited today.”

Regarding the unpaid money, Song Ji Hyo has not received any explanation or contact from Uzu Rocks. Although the payment times vary from company to company, most payments are made in the morning.


According to the official, Song Ji Hyo’s side believed in Uzu Rocks’s promise to deposit the settlement by May 1st and waited until midnight on the 1st, but Uzu Rocks did not keep their promise. As a result, Song Ji Hyo’s side filed a lawsuit against Uzu Rocks for non-payment of the settlement in the Seoul Central District Court on May 2nd.

Uzu Rocks suddenly changed their statement, saying that they would make the payment by May 4th after breaking the promise to deposit it on May 1st, but they have not deposited the settlement as promised.

Meanwhile, Uzu Rocks signed an exclusive contract with Song Ji Hyo on October 19th last year. At that time, Uzu Rocks promised to provide full support for Song Ji Hyo, and asked fans to show a lot of interest in the new synergy and chemistry between Song Ji Hyo and the company.

song ji hyo

However, Uzu Rocks and Song Ji Hyo parted ways before even a year had passed, with various controversies emerging. They faced severe criticism as stories spread that employees’ wages were not being paid and settlement payments for their artists were not being made properly. Uzu Rocks claimed in an official statement that “all settlement payments have been completed,” but it turned out to be untrue, and Song Ji Hyo is now in a situation where she has filed a lawsuit for non-payment of the settlement.

Currently, Uzu Rocks is managing entertainer Ji Suk Jin, singer Lee Hyun Woo, Baekga, and actor Oh Man Seok. Although Song Ji Hyo has left the agency, the remaining artists are reported to have stayed.

Source: Daum

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