A heartwarming story about Red Velvet Wendy’s good personality was recently told

An article about Red Velvet Wendy’s personality was recently spread online. In short, it was a beautiful story.

An article that mentioned Wendy’s personality was recently shared on various online communities.

Wendy Red Velvet

The OP (original poster) said, “I’m a 39-year-old man who became a fan of Wendy. Until last year, I got to know about the girl group Red Velvet, but not knowing who Wendy was”, adding, “I didn’t know other members’ name either. Then I met Wendy last summer”.

OP explained, “An exhibition for the project of protecting abandoned dogs was held in Changnyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do as a part of a local event. It was not a big event. We just exhibited posters about animal protection drawn by children in the local areas and received donations”

Wendy Red Velvet

According to OP, Wendy came on the second day of the event. OP said, “Wendy suddenly appeared and she didn’t plan ahead to come to the event. She said she decided to visit the exhibition while passing by it on the street”, adding, “Since the neighborhood was small and it was not a noisy activity, but after seeing our children’s paintings, she sponsored a large sum of money”.

Lastly, OP said, “She only visited for a little while, but I could feel her sincerity. I got to know about Wendy since then, and up until now, I’m still grateful for her”, adding, “Wendy, fighting. I’m rooting for you”.

In response to the story, netizens reacted, “Stories about Wendy’s good personality appear so often”, “Wendy has done a good deed again”, “From the moment she appeared, I knew she would be a good person like this”, “Wendy often practices good deeds”, “I’ll always cheer for you”, etc.

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