“I have plenty of room in my house…” Psy reveals Kang Ho-dong’s bitter words towards him when he was a rookie

Psy revealed his side of the story that is not like Kang Ho-dong’s story.

Singer Psy appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros,” which aired on the 30th of last month.


When Psy was a rookie, he once appeared in “Kang Ho-dong’s Match Made in Heaven” and gained a lot of popularity by giving off his sense of entertainment. Psy, who had a tight schedule due to his hot popularity at the time, was already exhausted due to the non-stop filming of “Kang Ho-dong’s Match Made in Heaven,” which runs from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. In addition, his legs were weak because he constantly danced in the opening. But in a game, he was required to do sit-up while holding the female cast in his arms. Psy thought it would be hard to do his performance next day, so he told Kang Ho-dong, “I’ll fall down, so please take the situation well for me.”

When he entered the shoot, Psy only did a few sit-ups as he had told Kang Ho-dong, and then put down the female cast. But Kang Ho-dong said, “Again.” Psy said, “The production team was familiar with his words as if it was not the first time.” Kang Ho-dong is said to have told Psy, “Do it one more time and fall if you’re going to fall.” In the re-shoot, Psy fell down completely as Kang Ho-dong said. Then, Kang Ho-dong kept teasing Psy, saying he had poor physical strength and pressed his shoulder so that he couldn’t get up.


Afterward, Kang called Psy to the waiting room. Psy said, “I already knew Kang Ho-dong from before. He felt like one of the few cousins I could rely on in the entertainment industry”. Kang Ho-dong then said to Psy, “You’re not the only one who’s tired. Everyone is tired. But why do you show that you’re the only one who’s tired?” Psy said it was unfair, because he only did what he was told to do because he was told to fall. Psy revealed that Kang Ho-dong said, “Do you know why you are the only one who did so? It’s because you have plenty of room in your house.”


Psy said, Kang Ho-dong told me to do everything desperately no matter how tired I was because it was for the viewers. After that, I desperately did it. In a way, thanks to Kang Ho-dong, I think I won’t appear alone in those programs anymore.” The other members laughed playfully at the thought that there is one more thing for them to tease Kang Ho-dong.

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