Lucas and SM chose “direct confrontation” strategy, what is the future of his return?

Lucas has embarked on a comeback journey, and his agency SM Entertainment (hereinafter SM) has chosen a "head-on" approach as a card to address the current situation

This comes after about three years since his involvement in private life controversies and nine months since leaving his former group NCT. Opting for a strategy of “direct confrontation”, Lucas has chosen to openly address his past mistakes and express his feelings of remorse, indicating his determination to initiate a full-fledged comeback. However, despite his efforts, the lukewarm reception from fans who turned away due to past controversies remains unchanged. Whether SM’s “comeback strategy”, with its associated risks, will yield the desired results for Lucas is yet to be seen.


Lucas recently opened SNS and YouTube accounts under his name, accompanied by the addition of “SM Official” to his username, sparking rumors of his comeback.

This marks Lucas’s comeback attempt after about three years. He ceased activities following private life controversies in 2021, and officially departed from NCT and WayV two years later. At that time, Lucas faced allegations from his ex-girlfriend A, who claimed he engaged in gaslighting and financial demands even after their breakup. Another woman, B, also came forward with similar allegations against Lucas around the same time, further amplifying the controversy. B claimed that Lucas gossiped about his fellow NCT members during their relationship.

Amid escalating controversies, SM issued an apology, stating, “Lucas deeply reflects on and apologizes for causing significant pain and disappointment due to his misconduct, and we acknowledge our inadequate artist management.” Lucas also expressed remorse, acknowledging his wrongdoing and the irresponsible actions that betrayed the support of his fans.


After formally leaving his group last year, Lucas announced his decision to continue personal activities through SM. Now, after about ten months, Lucas has begun taking steps towards a comeback despite the controversies.

While acknowledging his past mistakes and expressing his changed mindset, Lucas’s future remains uncertain. The most significant obstacle is the cold reception from fans who turned away during his controversies. Fans who distanced themselves from Lucas following his controversies continue to show a cold response. Additionally, some find it uncomfortable that Lucas frequently mentions his former group members during his solo comeback process. This poses a challenge that both Lucas and SM, who bears the risk associated with Lucas’s return, must address. Nevertheless, Lucas’s comeback journey has already begun. Whether he can successfully regain public favor remains to be seen, and attention is focused on his future actions.

Source: Daum

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