Nancy causes ‘visual shock’ with a new hairstyle

Being familiar with long hair, Nancy is praised by fans when she dyed her hair platinum and cut her bangs.

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In the new birthday photo posted by the company recently, Nancy surprised fans with a different look.  Momoland’s member is said to about to make a comeback with a beautiful face and platinum hair.  In particular, thin bangs make her much more cute and youthful.

Nancy’s appearance in this comeback caused “visual shock” because she was so beautiful.  Many people think that the female idol has become a lot prettier since she lost weight. Her face is also slimmer.  Her look is suitable for all hairstyles, including short bangs.

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Previously, Nancy had a round face, so she often had her hair parted in the middle, creating the feeling of a slimmer and more elegant look.

nancy 4 683x1024

Without bangs, the Momoland member showed off her bright and radiant features.

Throughout her career, Nancy changes her hairstyle quite diverse, from long hair to short hair.  She has also changed many hair colors.  However, this is her first time Nancy has her bangs cut. 

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